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How to re-use broken tiles at home


Tile may be an artifact better-known for its sturdiness, wetness resistance, and low maintenance necessities. Tile is commonly employed in kitchens and bogs however is fairly versatile and may be employed in a large sort of applications, like countertops, backsplashes , and ornamental wall coverings.

During tiles installation, not all tiles are used up. Some are cut in different shapes and used for a given work. The broken pieces of tiles are also called Trencadís (Catalan pronunciation: [tɾəŋkəˈðis]), conjointly referred to as pique assiette, broken tile mosaics, bits, and items, memory ware, and shardware, maybe a variety of mosaic made of cemented-together tile shards and broken dishware.

Broken tiles don’t need to visit waste. Use the tiles to make a singular floor, room backsplash, or wall mosaic in a creative pattern. produce styles like fish for the toilet, sunshine for an out of doors terrace or apples for a room the broken tiles could be a very little a lot of work than laying whole tiles however is well definitely worth the effort for the general finished result. Your broken tile mosaic is going to be the main target of any area.

Where to get broken tiles?

There is a number of places we can get broken pieces of tiles. Some of the places are:

  • Borrowing from a friend who just finished construction
  • Borrowing from your boss whom you were working on his or her projects
  • Buying them online or through dealer shops
  • Get them from second-hand waste stores
  • Ask your neighbors politely
  • Remains from your past previous projects.

Where to use broken tiles?

Mosaics area unit stimulating thanks to beautifying your home, garden, or just little item. they will be a product of something that may be split into items and pasted along. those that we tend to area unit getting to show you these days area unit made up of tiles, broken tiles, to be a lot of precise. So, however, are you able to build one?

Well, to start with, you would like to induce an inspiration in your head of what reasonably mosaic you’d prefer to build. you’ll even sketch a basic drawing of what you’d love it to appear like once it’s done.
Then, you would like to search out tiles that you just will use. you’ll obtain new ones from the ironmongery shop or use some previous and even broken tiles that you just may need round the house. For this next step, you would like to watch out for not cut yourself. Breaking the tiles is straightforward, however, they’re sharp and might ricochet if you throw them at onerous objects.

Once you’ve got all the items, you’ll lay them onto the surface that you just can beautify which maybe something in any respect. To do this, you’ll have to be compelled to separately glue every bit into place with tile adhesive. Congratulations, you’ve got yourself a home-made mosaic product of broken tiles.

Broken tiles or pieces should not be thrown away after construction. They can be used in many ways outlined below:

  1. Stairs decoration
  2. Wall decoration
  3. Floor decoration
  4. Bathroom enhancement
  5. Tables top mosaic
  6. Footpath decoration
  7. Mosaic tile lamp
  8. Kitchen sink

Among other examples.

How to tile your projects

  • Depending on what project your working on, don’t worry regarding perfection.
    If you’re victimizing mosaics or broken tiles or will get artistic along with your style, then you may not like cutlery.
  • If you’re about to paint your tiles, clean them with a dissolving agent initial.
    Making a planter? A coat of sealing material is nice for the within to stay water-tight.
  • Don’t forget to stay the tiles in situ with adhesive.
  • Tile spacers can assist you to get a good pattern.
  • If you’re victimization grout, smear it on the tiles then wipe off the surplus.
  • Leave it to dry!

In case you like perfection here is another method that you can use:

  1. Draw a rough sketch of your style on the ground or backsplash with a pencil. For random tile work, no drawing is important.
  2. Mix a little batch of the thinset in keeping with the manufacturer’s directions. The thinset can become too tacky to use once sitting for half-hour.
  3. Spread the thinset with the flat aspect of the trowel in one section of your style. Drag the notched aspect of the trowel through the thinset.
  4. Lay the broken tile items into the thinset and twist slightly to the line. Continue parturition tiles during this manner till you have got completed the section. faucet the tile with a hammer and sound block to line the tiles for good.
  5. Clean excess thinset from between the tiles employing a spatula and wipe off the excess from the tile with a humid rag. Leave the thinset to cure in keeping with the manufacturer’s directions.
  6. Spread future section with thin-set, effort a little gap wherever you Drew the lines. this can become the enlargement joint for the ground. Continue covering during this manner till completed.
  7. Mix a batch of grout. begin within the way corner of the area and squeegee the grout in between the tiles, wiping off any excess from the surface of the tiles with a humid sponge as you go. Rinse the sponge often and replace the water once it becomes cloudy.
  8. Fill within the enlargement joints with a versatile seal. Leave the grout and seal to cure for seventy-two hours. Minimize what proportion walking is finished on the ground till then.

Safety precautions when installing broken tiles

When working with broken tiles, there are several safety precautions you should observe. Ensure that all the security measures (safety helmet, facemask, Rubber hand gloves, safety glasses, and safety shoes) ought to be provided to workers and employees of covering.

First-Aid measures ought to be offered on the location wherever tile installation is being distributed.
Always do job safety analysis and do trial tiles installation work on little areas before the most operation is to be started. If necessary, further safety precautions ought to be provided.

Ensure correct ventilation and electrical lights once tile installation is to be distributed during a confined area and a dark place.

Hoist operator and sprucing machine operator should be practiced, and license should be obtained from recognized agency otherwise, possibilities of accidents square measure additional.


Broken tiles can save your pocket and help protect the environment from waste from ceramics.

You can also create your own source of employment. Where by one can work for people and get paid.

Now you know how to use broken tiles by yourself at home. Simple tools and you’re done.

Thank you.





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