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How to re-use old newspapers at home


A newspaper is a paper that is printed and distributed in most cases daily or weekly and contains news, articles of opinion, features, and advertising. The first ever printed newspapers were published weekly in Germany from 1609. According to research, in a week a single homestead can buy up to seven newspapers, bringing up the total to 28 newspapers a month or more.

Newspapers still rock, and still serve a myriad of purposes beyond the delivery of information. When you’ve finished reading the newspaper, don’t throw it away. Reason being our throw-away culture is leaving a massive hole in the planet’s natural resources.

Today, we are going to explore several ways that one can re-use the old used Newspapers at home.

Below are outlined methods that an individual can use to make great re-use of the newspapers.

Packaging material

When you’re moving, packing paper is a necessity. One needs to ensure that all his/her property is packaged well to minimize chances of damage. Newspapers come in handy when one plans to package. You can wrap your utensils well with newspapers, then place the utensils orderly into the box.

Use them instead of paper towels to wash windows

During spring when a lot of dust occurs, windows get dirty and require one to do a lot of cleaning. Old newspapers can be used to clean windowpanes instead of using towels. Using an old newspaper to clean windows works better than a cloth for preventing streaks.

Gift wraps

Old newspapers can be used to wraps gifts. One can improvise newspapers and end up making great gift wrappers.

Cabinet and Shelf lining

When one is arranging items in the kitchen, you can use old newspapers has lining. They’re cheaper than shop-bought shelf liners, and they’re easy to put in and replace repeatedly.


Confetti is small pieces of paper that are thrown or blasted into the air during celebrations. Old Newspapers can be used during celebrations as confetti.

Paint cover

When repainting your house, we may encounter challenges of moving furniture from one point to another. Used newspapers can be used in this case to cover the furniture and prevent paint spillage. You can also cover points of the wall that you don’t want the paint to appear.

In some instances when using spray paints, an individual can cover the walls of his/her house to avoid paint particles covering everywhere.

Used to make children art

Old newspapers can be improvised by children to make numerous artworks at home. This way children get to practice before using the real materials. Some of the artwork may include kites, scissors cutting art, flower making, wall art, etc.

Place overspills to absorb liquids

Since papers absorb liquids very fast, they can be used to absorbs liquid spills in the house. In some cases when you have pets in the house you may use old newspapers to clean up pet urine.

Can be Shred to use as garden mulch or weed killer

If weeds are a problem in your garden, cover the flower beds with newspaper and soak them with water. Then cover the paper with compost or mulch. Eventually, the paper will smother the weeds, and the organic matter will help your garden flourish.

Wall art

Old newspapers can be used as wall art instead of paint. In case you have a photo studio at home or a room that you call your chilling room. Old newspapers can be applied glue and mounted on the wall to form a very colorful art.

Can be used as fire starters

Are you tired of starting a fire when you go camping or you just want to light some charcoal at home? Old newspapers can be used as great fire starters. Use crumpled-up bits of old newspaper to start a bonfire, charcoal grill, or campfire.

Wrap up your fruit or vegetables to help them ripen faster

Wrap green tomatoes in sheets of old newsprint, layer them in a box, and put a lid on top – they will eventually ripen up to a lovely red color.

Can be used as Car floor covers

Cleaning your car daily can be a tuff process. Lay folded newspaper on the floor of your vehicle – it will absorb water and help keep dirt off the carpet.

The ways through which one can re-use newspapers are endless. Below are more ways

newspaper confetti

Other methods include

  • Book cover
  • Roll them into tubes and let the children create awesome play structures
  • Make paper cups for seedlings
  • Roll into beads for jewelry
  • Shred to use as gift basket filler
  • To scrunch up and place in the refrigerator, empty ice chests, or shoes to absorb odors
  • Scrunch them into balls and pack in unused shoes to help them keep their shape
  • Place at the bottom of trash bins to make cleaning them easier
  • To cover windows with newspaper to protect them from splatter while painting
  • One can keep some in the car for cleaning windshields
  • Always keep some in the car for making a makeshift funnel for adding oil or other fluids in an emergency.
  • Can be shred and use as pet bedding
  • Cut into small squares to keep in the bathroom or purse for blotting lipstick
  • Cut into small squares to use as confetti
  • Stuff them into wet boots or shoes to help them dry
  • Odor eliminator


Even in this age of technology, we still use a lot of paper.70 percent of people in every country still use a lot of paper daily. Research shows that paper and paper products are recycled to a greater extent than any other waste product in the world. The main advantages of recycling paper include saving energy, water, and landfill space. Paper recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling of old newspapers reduces methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Now you know ways that you can re-use old newspapers at home.

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