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How to start a greenhouse at home


The word greenhouse generates from two co-joint words “green” and “house”; that means plants that are housed. Generally, plants are believed to be grown in the fields but with the invention of the greenhouse some of the plants are housed within a glass fitted or plastic fitted house to allow for maximum optimization of the plant’s reproduction. The word greenhouse is never new term to many ears but what does the meaning of the word reveals?

What is the meaning of greenhouse? Greenhouse is defined as a transparent structure made of mainly glass but sometimes also made of transparent plastics materials that is constructed to allow regulation of temperatures for plants planted inside.

In a bid to own a greenhouse, there are specifications that one need to consider before setting up or buying a greenhouse for use in his place.

Consideration before starting a greenhouse:

  • The dimension of the greenhouse. The greenhouse dimension matters a lot more so to the space that the greenhouse will cover. Before making a decision whether to buy or to just make your own greenhouse, one has to consider the length and the width or of it is a round one in plan, then at least consider the perimeter of the structure. This consideration gives one the chance to plan on the space where he or she will situate the greenhouse. It also helps to determine whether the space in enough for the planned size of greenhouse.
  • The second consideration is the greenhouse location. Finding the best place for your greenhouse matters a lot in terms of productivity. A location where the greenhouse receive lights in both ends is the ideal location. However, if the location is not directly accessible to the sun light, then one is advised to consider growing plants that require minimum sun lights to maximumly produce. Also, you can prefer to use grow lights for the crops. The grow lights will be little much expensive and tiresome. You should consider placing the greenhouse away from things that can bring shades to the structure such next to houses, walls, fences among other things like trees that may prevent sunlight from reaching al the sides of greenhouse.
  • The third consideration is purpose meant for the greenhouse. A commercial greenhouse will need to be relatively larger garden than a kitchen garden that may need a smaller space. The kitchen greenhouse may be used for plantation of kitchen vegetations and fast-growing fruits. Commercial greenhouse may be used to grow commercial plants like sunflower, strawberry, lettuce in addition to other plants.
  • The fourth consideration is the finance allocation for the greenhouse. One need to make decision whether to buy or to construct one. The decision to buy a greenhouse would cost more than making a greenhouse by cheaply available materials.
  • Another consideration is the drainage of the soil where the greenhouse is to be situated. A location with good drainage is the best for placing the greenhouse. Soil with lower drainage will hold a lot of water on soil top that in turn affect the plants productivity.

The Advantages of Using Greenhouse for Plantation

There are various advantages of using greenhouse in crop plantation; the benefits include the below listed merits:

  1. The growing season of planting in a greenhouse extends to the whole year. The season of a greenhouse is not affected by any outside weather condition; this due to the inwards growth of plants. Also, the temperature inside the greenhouse is being managed and regulated for maximum yield of the crop’s productions.
  2. There is availability of expanded variety of plants; the greenhouse can be partitioned to carry numerous plants at one time. The regulated temperature inside the greenhouse allows for maximum growth and productivity of different crops that can be grown together in the same greenhouse. For example, you can grow tomatoes alongside vegetables in addition to fruits.
  3. There is consistency in growing using greenhouse that has resulted to reliability in terms of the quality that is grown in the greenhouse. The quality of the products will be consistence due to the regulated temperature as well as regulation against pest and diseases.
  4. The greenhouse protects the crops against invasion by animals as well as infection from the insects. Because the greenhouse is covered by the glazing that cover the whole greenhouse frame. The glazing help protect the plants keep away invasion and also protect the crops from diseases making the yield to be high.  
  5. The humidity level inside the greenhouse is controllable as well as growth environment. Due to the glazing protection around the greenhouse, it is easy to control the humidity inside the greenhouse.

The process of preparation for first growing season

When one is commencing the journey of growing in the greenhouse, he or she needs to take into consideration various things. By grouping plants that has similar growth cycle is of importance in scheduling the production and management of the greenhouse. Crops like spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and root vegetables including carrots are good to begin the greenhouse plantation season. The things that people need to understand before commencing plantation include determining the number of seedlings you need to plant in the greenhouse. The number of seedlings to be planted should be higher than the expected number by about twenty to thirty percent; this is because there are some seedlings that do not germinate and if some do geminate, then, they do not produce equally a healthy seedling. Plants requiring vertical stem systems like tomatoes need to be planted on a bench that is slightly raised above the greenhouse floor as it will increase verticality and provision of enough space as the plants start to grow.

It is recommended to use natural or compost fertilizers as organic fertilizers may bring frustration for the first-time use. The use of pesticides is greatly discouraged as the glazing already regulate the entry of pests and diseases.


There are various benefits of growing your food in the greenhouse considering the year-in year-out high-quality yields, self-efficiency as well as reliable growth of crops is among the great beginning benefits of using greenhouse to plant crops. Despite the hard work, time consumed in constructing the greenhouse in addition to the efforts that one places in the greenhouse will then bore fruits at the yielding time, and even further efforts in the next years will give more yields.







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